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iDomus Construction is a family run business with a passion for sustainable, energy efficient buildings, for both the living and working environment. Based on Central European experience, iDomus’ turn-key solutions - utilizing prefabricated ‘Glulam’ timber structures, meet the highest quality standards, reduce build timescales, and exceed customer expectations.

iDomus provides a real ecological home package - Wood Only, where the main structure is solid timber panels, then external wood fiber insulation covered with durable charred timber cladding. Such build up is absolutely sustainable, ecological, carbon neutral and the main factor is healthy building!

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HBE is a construction system made of mass timber wood.

HBE is a sustainable and eco-friendly construction system, which can help us to take care of our environment and our health.

Mostly everything. HBE is usually used to build residential, commercial or recreational buildings. However, it is also suitable for high-rise buildings.

Please contact us for construction costs. We will calculate the price of your project for FREE!

The timber wood used in the HBE system will not rot. As all the solid wood elements remain inside the building and are insulated from the outside with the necessary materials that prevents the timber from getting wet and rotting.


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